Our Green Policy

BenchPro, Inc., the parent company and their Baja manufacturing subsidiary constantly strive to reduce their impact on the environment by both selecting materials which come from companies with a green policy, and by maintaining our production facilities in a manner which supports a strong green policy.

1. 90% of the particleboard wood, maple hardwood and solid resin "drop" (left over pieces) from cutting tops to size is recycled into new bench tops.

2. Sawdust and tiny pieces go to a local rose growers for packaging and fertilizer. (We can't get any greener than that!)

3. All Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass are recycled.

4. All paper and cardboard are recycled.

5. BenchPro™ laminated tops use a heavy particleboard core consisting of 80-95% recycled wood products. 

6. No petroleum based solvents are used or consumed in any process except machinery lubrication or fuel for our trucks. (We only use water based solvents and glues).